Why Care Womens Centre Niramay


A- affordability
R- reliable
E-Evidence based

to get maximum we need two things MAN and the MACHINE.

well our acronym says it all. In today’s world where ivf specialists and clinics are mushrooming ,infertile couples are lost and perplexed to make a correct choice.
we would like to ask few questions like

WHY Niramay IVF Center indore

At Care Women Centre Niramay, we intend to give focused patient-tailored protocols which are evidence-based, safe and affordable.​

  • All treatments related to infertility provided under one roof.
  • ethical
  • transparent pricing
  • confidentiality maintained
  • treatment according to ICMR guidelines backed by the latest evidence
  • the dedicated team of highly skilled and trained doctors, staff and embryologist.
  • The focussed approach, patient-centric treatment.
  • cost-effective and safe treatment care Cares…..

Is your fertility specialist trained?​

Dr Shweta kaul jha holds the merit of being the first and only board certified reproductive medicine specialist of M.P .as she holds prestigious FNB reproductive medicine granted after a rigourous training of two years with certification only on basis of merit.

Do you have full time embryologists?​

At Care Women Centre Niramay, we strive to give nothing but the best to our patient.IVF lab results are dependent on quality management and for this, we have full time skilled and trained well experienced embryologist

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