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Now every infertile can enjoy the feeling of parenthood. One need not deprive
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15000+ IVF procedures were completed.

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Dr Shweta Kaul Jha MS, FNB Reproductive Medicine Gynecologist, Infertility Specialist

Dr. Shweta Kaul Jha is the first Board Certified (National Board of Examinations, New Delhi.) Reproductive Medicine specialist of Central India.

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Noshad Khan
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Dr Shweta is highly knowledgeable and committed.she communicates plan of care very well and you feel in really good hands. Staff is equally professional. Highly recommended..for care women's centre, ivf centre
surbhi jain
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Got to consult through a reference of my sister. Very good treatment one of the best ivf clinic in Indore. I would suggest to all who are facing childlessness once visit care women's center because I got positive results in 1 cycle.
Archna Dashundi
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My whole care woman center journey is too good I received my precious gift for my life thanks to entire staff and my lovely shwetaa mam
Prakash Sharma
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Dr shweta kaul mam best doctor for infertility treatment.... service also good in her centre....best team good coordination....I highly recommend for care women centre in indore those who are facing infertility....
Satish Tegor
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बहोत अच्छा सेंटर हैं इंदौर में आईवीएफ के patient k लिए मैडम बी बहुत अच्छी है उनका इलाज़ बहोट ही अच्छा है
Banti Dhakar
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We are very happy to meet dr shweta kaul jha mam n her care team....best IVF centre for infertility pateint...best in Indore
Ratika Suresh
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Dr Shweta mam and All staff and are good and supportive. Serving and treatment is excellent. I feel happy that I come at right time. Thank you for taking care of us.I realy appreciate all the Dr and nurshing staff for their commitment.
Pooja Bairagi
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हमें यहां आकर बहुत अच्छा लगा हमारा इलाज यहां बहुत बढ़िया हुआ जो कही ना हुआ वो श्वेता कौल झा जी ने कर दिखाया धन्यवाद् मेम
Sapna savi
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Best ivf centre in Indore.....Best for infertility center
shalini jhariya
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Best ivf centre in indore, i want to thank the whole team of care women's centre. What a loving doctor and amazing staff. You all helped creating our little magical and for that we are super thankful. Thank u shweta mam......
Sonu Patidar
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Accha experience raha care womens centre pe, best IVF centre in Indore....
Sandhya Bhambu
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If you are looking for the absolute best care for IVF, I highly recommend Dr shweta kaul jha.she is excellent in every way. And so is every single one of the nurses and the staff. N Dr shweta is not like any other doctor I have ever met. She genuinely cares for every patient 's outcome and for each person's well being. She is so careful in assessing the entire women's health that she does not miss any details that may compromise the outcome......thanx a lot Doctor!!!!
Surendra Singh
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Dr shweta, nurses and front staff are wonderful caring and helpful throughout the ivf process dr shweta is extensively knowlegeable and always goes the extra miles to help her patients thank you all, you will all have a special place in my heart!!!!
Sanjiv Patel
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Great team! No negative feedback at all. Just so Happy with the service from the whole clinic. I have never had such a great experience with any other centre like Dr shweta kaul her team.thank u
Monu Atal
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Dr shweta mam her team were wonderful to work with. she was very good pinpointing issues and very good at explaining each process. She kept my spirits High in touch circumstances and was very reassuring. I highly recommend anyone to Dr shweta kaul jha who is having trouble getting pregnant. She and her staff are easy to communicate with and provide exceptional patient care.
Bharti Jaiswal
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Care womens centre humare liye bahot accha centre raha, aaj hum bahot jyada khush hai, q ki aaj hume pata chala ki meri wife ko twins pregnancy hai or ye sab ivf k ilaj se sambhav ho paya hai hum dr shweta mam ko n pure staff ko dil se
Sonika Khichi
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Best infertility centre. I would highly recommend dr shweta mam and her staff. They are calm,competent, and available when needed for help outside of appointment.
Nikku Patel
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Care women's centre is the best infertility centre. All staff and dr shweta jha mam is so humble to me.....
Raghuraj Singh
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Dr. Shweta kaul jha mam is the best doctor in Texas. She is extremely knowledgeable, patient,caring and a loving doctor. She checks up on the patient medical reports before meeting up in appointments to give the best advice and treatments. Always saw her with a smiling face. I recommend her to everyone with problems in conceiving.
Sunil Rajput
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Dr Shweta kaul mam is the most comforting fertility doctor. Her warm optimism and detailed info made us feel confident the entire process. I appreciated her conservation approach and her ability to explain our options in clear and easy ways. I cannot say enough positive things about dr. Shweta and entire practice.


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