Egg Donation Treatment in Indore

Egg Donation Treatment in Indore
Egg Donation Treatment in Indore

Best Egg Donation Treatment in Indore

In a typical IVF process, the intended mother’s eggs are used to help a couple achieve their child-bearing goals. However, this is only feasible if the lady has an adequate supply of high-quality eggs that can be used for assisted conception. In fertility treatment, the quality of the eggs is crucial since IVF with eggs of low quality dramatically reduces the chance of a good outcome.

Donor egg IVF has shown to be a successful treatment for infertility in cases of advanced mother age, inadequate ovarian reserve (low number of eggs remaining in the ovaries), or poor egg quality. IVF using donor eggs has assisted hundreds of couples at the Niramay IVF Center in having a child of their own.

Causes of IVF using Donor Eggs

Your fertility physician may suggest IVF with egg donation as a treatment option in the following circumstances following a complete fertility analysis:

  • For those who have a poor ovarian reserve (insufficient good-quality eggs)
  • mother’s advanced age
  • ovarian failure before its time (when the ovaries have stopped working before the age of 40)
  • when a genetic issue in the mother could be passed on to the child

When a patient has not responded adequately to ovarian stimulation during a standard IVF cycle, your doctor could possibly recommend donor egg IVF. In other words, your doctor will explain to you the potential consequences of continuing therapy with eggs of poor quality and explore donor egg IVF as an alternative if treatment with fertility medicine has failed to create the appropriate number and quality of eggs.

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