The Success Rate of IVF Cycles

The Success Rate of IVF Cycles
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The success rate of IVF depends on a few factors such as age, diagnosis, and other conditions like PCOS, etc. But on an overall basis the success rate of IVF pregnancy can be calculated anywhere close to 40%.

Some clinics also charge different amounts for the same procedures, such as retrieval and transfer, depending on whether it’s with the vitrified or fresh embryo. In contrast, some don’t charge a difference at all.

If you’re interested in frozen embryo transfer, then the first cycle is charged at around 3 lakh, whereas 2nd -3rd cycles cost around 1 Lac per cycle with required medication, which is slightly cheaper than fresh cycles. Also, please remember that not every embryo survives the freezing process, and fewer embryos make it to the implantation window. At present, the success rate of frozen ET is less than fresh cycles.

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