Best Obstetrician in Indore

Best Obstetrician in Indore
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Best obstetricians in Indore are practised by Dr. Shweta Kaul Jha.

What is obstetrics

A specialty of medicine called obstetrics deals with patients who are pregnant, as well as childbirth and midwifery. Pregnancy might be normal or problematic, necessitating careful handling. Obstetricians are essential to the care of pregnant patients and their unborn children. Dr. Shweta Kaul Jha will make sure that you and your child experience this trip in comfort and with the best possible care. The numerous phases that make up obstetrics are listed as follows:

Pre-natal phase

From conception to delivery, the entire pregnancy is covered by this. It covers pregnancy detection, management of healthy or abnormal foetuses, or foetuses that are abnormally positioned (ectopic pregnancy). It also covers the emergencies and difficulties associated with pregnancy, such as pre-eclampsia (pregnancy-related elevated blood pressure), eclampsia, pregnancy bleeding, and pre-term labour and delivery.

Induction and Labor phase

This covers both spontaneous labour and the use of drugs to start labour (induced labor). An assisted delivery is when the baby is delivered using tools like forceps, a vacuum, or by making an incision in the mother’s perineum to help enlarge the birth canal so that a vaginal delivery can take place.

Post-natal phase

This is the time after the baby is delivered. The doctor’s job is to support effective breastfeeding and guard against postpartum problems. The hospital satisfies the requirements of a Baby-Friendly Hospital, and Dr. Shweta Kaul Jha supports the National Breastfeeding Initiative. As the patient is most receptive during this time, the postpartum period is a good time for contraceptive counselling and procedure. The recovery of the woman’s physical health and wellbeing marks the end of this phase.

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